Entrevista: Atracción de talentos UX para el Mercado financiero.


Autor: Lucas Barrientos – Head of Design, Scotiabank Colpatria – Bogotá Hola a todos, en este artículo comparto algo de mi experiencia acerca de la atracción de talentos UX. Mi estrategia se basa en 3 pilares:  Hacer atractivo nuestro equipo mediante la difusión en redes sociales –> que los candidatos vengan a nosotros, buscando trabajar en un lugar que les resulte...

HIRED: Fabiola Pinheiro gets a top job at fintech Startup: Clear Funding Ltd.


We love to see our members getting hired! Fabiola Pinheiro a top international marketeer reach out to us as she was looking to return to the UK and grab a job at a company that would give her the opportunity to expand her horizons. She already had stints as Facebook, Google and Yahoo, and was looking for a change of scenery from the usual suspects. After a few introductions it took her only 3...

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