Why you should come to Chile work in Technology? So many reasons!


Chile is South America’s most prosperous economy. In its World Investment Report 2016, UNCTAD ranked Chile as the world´s 17th largest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2015. With an inflow of $20.2 billion in 2015, Chile took third place in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. Thanks to its political and economic stability, openness to trade, legal security and excellent growth...

¡Hay más de 800 animales buscando que los contraten!


Nuestro compromiso como The Bridge con Unión de Amigos (UAA) con los Animales y su misión sigue latente. Comunidad de Chile, los invitamos a ayudarnos a dar un trato digno a nuestros animales y a buscarles una familia que les pueda entregar el amor que necesitan. Actualmente hay 105 perros y 701 gatos en el refugio buscando familia. ¡Ayúdanos a disminuir esa cifra! Teléfono: 232187371 Mail:...

We are now supporting: Friends of Animals United (UAA – Chile)


As animal lovers, we have immediately noticed a big problem in Chile upon arriving there: the richest country in Latin America has more dogs on the streets than many others. Why? Its clearly an educational issue. From now on, we are proudly supporting the UAA (Friends of Animals United) they have over 120 dogs and cats in Chile who are rescued from mistreat and abandonment. We will make monthly...

Global Jobs and News of the Week: January 29th


January is almost ending, but the news and jobs are as promising as ever! If you missed any of our posts on social media, get an update about what happened here:   Marketing managers: this is a highly demanding job, but if you have great skills it can be equally rewarding. Know more here: A company in Toronto is looking for someone who loves mobile development to be part of their team! Take...

Life & Work in Chile II: 5 Reasons Why it's becoming the next Silicon Valley


In the last years, Chile has been drawing attention for its increasing growth in the innovation and tech fields. The main reason for that could be pointed as the government investment, but not only! The favorable economy and low taxes added a great deal to the chances of it becoming the next tech hub of Latin America. Here we listed the 5 reasons why Chile could be soon called (if not already)...

Life & Work in Chile I: Getting started


Known by the rich literature scenario, Chile is a country that goes beyond the magic words of Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. Having faced one of the toughest dictatorships of Latin America in the past, today the nation is the sixth economy of the continent and is a promising destination for living and working. By the way, we have a few jobs in Chile that we’re going to share with you...

The Bridge Jobs Round Up: December 25th


Missed any of our jobs or news this week? Don’t worry, we selected the best ones so you can get an update about what’s on! Take a look: Put on your goggles: if you are a stellar Project Manager who’s looking for a job in the VR business. Dublin is waiting for you: If you like the Live TV business and have great digital design skills, don’t waste any more time and check this out: Hello...

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