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Entrevista: Atracción de talentos UX para el Mercado financiero.


Autor: Lucas Barrientos – Head of Design, Scotiabank Colpatria – Bogotá Hola a todos, en este artículo comparto algo de mi experiencia acerca de la atracción de talentos UX. Mi estrategia se basa en 3 pilares:  Hacer atractivo nuestro equipo mediante la difusión en redes sociales –> que los candidatos vengan a nosotros, buscando trabajar en un lugar que les resulte...

Trabajo Remoto: Desafíos en el Liderazgo y Engagement.


Por: Claudia Hurtado, Senior Manager Digital The Bridge Chile A raíz de la aprobación de la nueva ley de trabajo remoto o teletrabajo, consecuencia de la crisis sanitaria, tenemos en chile instalada y ya a punto de ser formalizada, “una nueva forma de trabajar”. Esta forma de trabajar posee 3 componentes que funcionan en sincronía y que deben convivir armónicamente, empresa, tecnología y...

Você está preparado para o Interaction Latin America 2018?


Maior Congresso de Design de Interação mundial está confirmado para o Rio de Janeiro. O ISAFLoripa17 contou com público recorde de 1500 participantes e o congresso recebeu o título de maior evento da Associação de Design de Interação – IxDA do Mundo. Nós somos parceiros do Interaction Latin America 2018. Vamos romper juntos as fronteiras do Design de Interação. Garanta o seu ingresso e faça...

We are now supporting: Friends of Animals United (UAA – Chile)


As animal lovers, we have immediately noticed a big problem in Chile upon arriving there: the richest country in Latin America has more dogs on the streets than many others. Why? Its clearly an educational issue. From now on, we are proudly supporting the UAA (Friends of Animals United) they have over 120 dogs and cats in Chile who are rescued from mistreat and abandonment. We will make monthly...

The Bridge News: Fernando Aguiar, agência CARMEN, YoungNetwork Lisboa


Está na hora de outra entrevista com um profissional de destaque no mercado internacional! Fernando Aguiar tem atraído a atenção dos vehículos do mercado publicitário ganhando destaque na mídia por seu trabalho. O jovem carioca encarou o desafio de se mudar para a Europa sem emprego garantido, mantém uma postura humilde e traz alguns aprendizados de sua carreira. Hoje como Copywriter na agência...

Global Jobs and News of the Week: January 29th


January is almost ending, but the news and jobs are as promising as ever! If you missed any of our posts on social media, get an update about what happened here:   Marketing managers: this is a highly demanding job, but if you have great skills it can be equally rewarding. Know more here: A company in Toronto is looking for someone who loves mobile development to be part of their team! Take...

Life & Work in Chile II: 5 Reasons Why it's becoming the next Silicon Valley


In the last years, Chile has been drawing attention for its increasing growth in the innovation and tech fields. The main reason for that could be pointed as the government investment, but not only! The favorable economy and low taxes added a great deal to the chances of it becoming the next tech hub of Latin America. Here we listed the 5 reasons why Chile could be soon called (if not already)...

Abstract: the art of design, the new Netflix Original Documentary Series


Designers and design lovers: this one’s for you. On February, the 10th, Netflix will release a documentary series about how the world is affected by design. Each of the 8 episodes will cover the work of professionals from different areas – Graphic Design, Illustration, Car Design, Photography, Architecture, Interior Design, Shoe Design and Scenography – and their daily challenges...

Global Jobs and News of the Week: January 22nd


New week, new international jobs and more content about the creative and tech world! These are the posts we shared in our social media:   As ad spend shifts to digital, agencies need to hire devs and designers to build tools and drive the customer experience. Therefore, the need for creative agencies to think like consultants is on the increase: (by Adweek)   Changing the subject, know...

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