Diferencias entre Outsourcing y el Aumento del Staff


“Out” es una palabra en inglés que se traduce al español como “fuera” y “source” significa  “fuente”. Por lo tanto, el outsourcing hace referencia a una fuente que proviene de afuera, es decir externa y es mejor conocida como Tercerización. Esta es la forma en la cual innumerables empresarios contratan ayuda para un determinado sector de las...

Why you should come to Chile work in Technology? So many reasons!


Chile is South America’s most prosperous economy. In its World Investment Report 2016, UNCTAD ranked Chile as the world´s 17th largest recipient of foreign direct investment in 2015. With an inflow of $20.2 billion in 2015, Chile took third place in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. Thanks to its political and economic stability, openness to trade, legal security and excellent growth...

Cientista de dados: uma profissão em crescimento exponencial.


  A captação, acumulação e análise de dados e informações já não é mais suficiente. Agora temos que saber como processá-las de forma massiva para identificar oportunidades, criar novos produtos, racionalizar recursos e conhecer melhor o cliente. Os algoritmos combinados com a visão de negócios estão se tornando críticos no mundo business. Os dados estão por todos lados, crescendo de forma...



IF YOU BUILD IT, WILL THEY COME? AND IF THEY COME, WILL THEY BE ABLE TO USE IT? by Christopher Ratcliff  6th July 2017 This post first appeared in:  Well as a very experienced digital marketing writer person, I believe it’s something about the sizzle and a potentially disappointing visit to a steak restaurant. Perhaps a better aphorism than the standard cliché is, “There’s no...

NoOne Entrevista: Bernardo Carvalho Wertheim – CEO da The Bridge


Confira a entrevista exclusiva com Bernardo Carvalho Wertheim – CEO da The Bridge. Um convite da galera da NoOne como parte de seu estudo do mercado de UX #DefineUX ().
Neste papo falamos de tendências, dos perfis mais procurados hoje pelas startups e grande empresas e que tipo de ambiente de trabalho atraem estes profissionais. Vamos dar um play?

¡Hay más de 800 animales buscando que los contraten!


Nuestro compromiso como The Bridge con Unión de Amigos (UAA) con los Animales y su misión sigue latente. Comunidad de Chile, los invitamos a ayudarnos a dar un trato digno a nuestros animales y a buscarles una familia que les pueda entregar el amor que necesitan. Actualmente hay 105 perros y 701 gatos en el refugio buscando familia. ¡Ayúdanos a disminuir esa cifra! Teléfono: 232187371 Mail:...

CX what?


Customer experience (CX) is key for marketers that seek to differentiate their brands. But what is CX? First, there is some need to differentiate between User Experience and Customer Experience (Tim Lowden, DIGITALGOV): Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions a person has with the brand. And may be measured in: overall experience, likelihood to continue use, and likelihood to...

The Creative’s Guide to Freelancing in London


Checkout this essential guide to successful freelancing in London for creatives. If you’re a designer, art director, illustrator, copywriter, creative director or photographer freelancing in London, or looking to freelance in London, this guide is for you.
By Craig Barber

Seven Reasons Why You Should Stop Putting Off Your Move Abroad


Are you considering moving overseas but keep avoiding it because you are worried about a thousand things going wrong? We have seven great reasons why you should stop letting your nerves get the better of you and finally make that move abroad! Moving abroad is, undeniably, a daunting experience. It’s easy to end up with a never-ending list of things to do and buy before you go, and to let this...

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