A Guide to the 10 Next Hot Jobs in Digital Marketing, and for Several Years to Come


By Matt Kapko (ADWEEK) July 23, 2017 Time to polish that résumé, marketers. The business is shifting amid rapid change, and jobs that were considered experimental a few years ago are now indispensable. Career paths are being disrupted midstream, and both brands and ad agencies are recalibrating talent for the next generation of marketing. The combined forces of globalization and the...



IF YOU BUILD IT, WILL THEY COME? AND IF THEY COME, WILL THEY BE ABLE TO USE IT? by Christopher Ratcliff  6th July 2017 This post first appeared in:  Well as a very experienced digital marketing writer person, I believe it’s something about the sizzle and a potentially disappointing visit to a steak restaurant. Perhaps a better aphorism than the standard cliché is, “There’s no...

CX what?


Customer experience (CX) is key for marketers that seek to differentiate their brands. But what is CX? First, there is some need to differentiate between User Experience and Customer Experience (Tim Lowden, DIGITALGOV): Customer Experience (CX) encompasses all the interactions a person has with the brand. And may be measured in: overall experience, likelihood to continue use, and likelihood to...

Australian government to replace 457 temporary work visa


  The government will replace skilled 457 visas with a new category to give Australians priority for Australian jobs, Malcolm Turnbull said in a shock announcement on Tuesday. Turnbull used Facebook to announce the policy, which he said would “put jobs first” and “Australians first”, signalling a reduction in the occupations available to skilled foreign workers and raising the threshold to...

New Hires!


Nothing makes us more happy than placing candidates at cool international jobs. 
Our Latin America desk has been on FIRE in the last few weeks, with a variety of UX, Design and Accounts roles.
After a series of interviews and tests, we are delighted to announce the latest member hires via The Bridge.
So here are their happy faces. Good luck guys and girls!


We are now supporting: Friends of Animals United (UAA – Chile)


As animal lovers, we have immediately noticed a big problem in Chile upon arriving there: the richest country in Latin America has more dogs on the streets than many others. Why? Its clearly an educational issue. From now on, we are proudly supporting the UAA (Friends of Animals United) they have over 120 dogs and cats in Chile who are rescued from mistreat and abandonment. We will make monthly...

The Creative’s Guide to Freelancing in London


Checkout this essential guide to successful freelancing in London for creatives. If you’re a designer, art director, illustrator, copywriter, creative director or photographer freelancing in London, or looking to freelance in London, this guide is for you.
By Craig Barber

UX Checklist: a rich, quick reference guide


Created by @sovesove here is a really neat guide to save to your favorites. We all know UX encompasses many disciplines, tools and processes, from a basic competitor analysis to micro interactions and  accessibility concerns. Sometimes it can be mind boggling to ensure all aspects of the project are covered particularly when it comes to larger delivery challenges. Well, fear no more! This UX...

The Bridge News: Fernando Aguiar, agência CARMEN, YoungNetwork Lisboa


Está na hora de outra entrevista com um profissional de destaque no mercado internacional! Fernando Aguiar tem atraído a atenção dos vehículos do mercado publicitário ganhando destaque na mídia por seu trabalho. O jovem carioca encarou o desafio de se mudar para a Europa sem emprego garantido, mantém uma postura humilde e traz alguns aprendizados de sua carreira. Hoje como Copywriter na agência...

Tired of looking for a job? Let a bot do it for you 🤖


Amid all the hype about chatbots and talk of a tech bubble, more and more companies have started building bots that are meant for business use. But what about people who are looking for work?  Countering fears that bots are replacing humans in the workforce, a few young startups have come up with bots to help you find available positions, chat with hiring managers, or even create your next job...

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