Coworking: 10 spaces for professionals on the go


Coworking, coliving, the sharing economy… These are, for sure, the least lonely times we’ve ever experienced. We have digital nomads coming from one place to another, freelance professionals that work in design, copywriting, photography, consultancy, coaching, finances, and even medicine thriving in their areas and always connecting with different people. Even paychecks are more fluid and we are all in search of interesting lifestyles, so, for sure, a grey office in a tall building isn’t that attractive anymore.

We are talking about trends that meet a lot of people’s desires. In a coworking space, people move more freely – you choose if you want to work in a more quiet place to focus or if you want a more collaborative vibe. People move, period! They are not attached to a table or a bad chair. The sharing conductive environment is also something to be highlighted. Designers can learn a lot with retouchers; if a tech start-up is in need of a finance pro, maybe there will be one there – and these are only two hypothetical examples.  

Long story short, coworking spaces  are places made to inspire people to create and craft their work with more flexibility, freedom and lightness, softly imposing only one thing: connection.

So you can be inspired to connect with other creative peers too, here are the 10 coolest coworking spaces around the world! Shall we?


  1. NEX Coworking (Curitiba and Rio – Brazil)

Nex unites great design with even greater structure. More than a place to work with good looks and good internet, their team is always working to create a fun, yet organized, ambiance. The architectural project of the Rio office just received an award and, if you’re looking for a great view, the unit’s patio is the greatest place ever to work.


  1. Link2U (São Paulo – Brazil)

Location, location location. Link2U has two offices in Paulista Avenue, right in the heart of corporative São Paulo, so it’s safe to say that if you need/want to be in the center of everything, this is the place to be!


  1. Alley (New York – USA)

Alley is the big bro of coworking spaces. With its first venue opened in 2012, the now 4 locations collaborative workspace has their feet strategically fixed on Chelsea, Midtown, inside of Techstars and NYU. They’re famous for the always cool events agenda and great networking environment.


  1.  Parisoma (San Francisco – USA)

If you’re looking to find a full San Fran hipster, cool and full of energy experience, you might as well take a look at Parisoma. The events schedule is always full of bright workshops and fun talks, the location is very good, as we are talking about the SOMA (South of Market) neighbourhood, a very big one in the City, home to a lot of museums and amazing cultural life. Aside all that, Parisoma is a dog friendly place, has its own parking for bikes, and is always prepared when it comes to a good stack of organic coffee and tea for a caffeine boost.


  1. AGORA (Berlin – Germany)

Ranked more than once as one of the best coworking spaces in the country and in the world, AGORA is the place for those looking to immerse themselves in a deeper concept that mixes art, food and collaboration through work and creativity. The 5 floor building is home to not only the coworking spaces and a very creative and interesting coffee, but a place that offers artists residencies in various areas, such as dance and visual arts. AGORA is not located in a city center area, or even the coolest one in Berlin, but on a perimeter full of immigrants and young people fleeing the high prices of city center. The neighbourhood is now flourishing around AGORA and, being close to Tempelhof Feld (the ex-airport turned into park), it’s for sure that this is a place to keep an eye on.


  1. DRAFT (Paris – France)

Aside of a coworking space for all those who want to connect themselves with different people of various areas, DRAFT is home for those who qualify as makers. There are 3 studios to put the hands to work along the mind: textile, woodwork and 3D/laser printing and modeling. It’s an awesome place for anyone who wants to prototype anything, but fell short when it came to printers and tools prices.


  1. Urban Station (Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Egypt)

They are a global network of coworking spaces. Multiculturalist is an easy word to describe them. Fast Company has stated they are the “workplace of the future”; American Express ranked it as “the best place to work when you are travelling”. With so many locations around the world and more to come, this is a place to have pined on the map whenever you are travelling and in need of a place to sit and get some work done.


  1. Huckletree (London – UK)

If you are looking for a fun and comfy vibe in grey London, this is a great place to be in. The owner, Gabriela Hersham, discovered her love for the coworking way of life when she was living in New York, back in 2012. Today, her passion for it, not to mention the pulsating market, made Hackletree an inspiring and full of life place.


  1. Hotel and Hub (Tel Aviv – Israel)

It is known in the creative/tech world that Israel is as important to new technologies and discoveries as the Silicon Valley. The “White City” is strategically amazing, if you’re a digital nomad or a freelancer searching for a thriving market. The Hotel Hub is located inside the astonishing Diaghilev Hotel, in the Rothschild Boulevard. You can work in a place with a very interesting flux of international techies, entrepreneurs and artists, with the plus of being on an architectural wonder with good facilities – such as delicious food and coffee, a meditative patio, an art gallery, a large meeting room and a beautiful seminar hall.


  1. ACME Works (Toronto – Canada)

The big industrial building was once home to a textile company, but now houses a coworking space that offers a great deal of facilities such as access to relevant magazine subscriptions as Harvard Business Review, consultation with lawyers, finance experts and marketers on an hourly basis and a very helpful team, ready to make everyday life easier.  With daily and monthly passes, ACME is also great for professionals on the go.

Do you know more amazing places around the globe? Share with us on the comment section or on social media!

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A Global Network for UX, Digital, Creative and Tech Professionals. Companies find top talent, professionals discover the best jobs.
We have built The Bridge, now it is up to you to cross it and achieve your dreams. #WeBuildYouCross

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